Using the Internet to Find a Cell Phone Number

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Tracking down someone’s cell phone number can be a difficult, if not impossible, challenge. The Internet may be a great source of information regarding this aspect, but remember that in today’s world, smartphones have all kind of privacy settings that prevent people from tracking them down. Also, some measure of privacy and anonymity is one of the reasons why people buy mobile phones in the first place. Additionally, phone books to not usually feature cell phone number listings, so there is no paper trail to follow.

However, this does not mean that finding a cell phone number is impossible. Regardless of the reasons why you want to track it down, there are some tricks you can try to find it. Just remember that phone numerous are notoriously tricky to look up, so this process will require a certain amount of time and dedication.

1. Try search engines. If you know the mobile phone number that’s been calling you, try entering it into the search engine you commonly use (Google, Yahoo!, Bing), and see what comes up. Once on the Internet, the information will forever be there, so if the number has already been entered somewhere on the web, it will show up. You may find the number you are looking for an a blog or public job profile and will then be able to track whom it belongs to.


2. Try social networks. Nowadays, social networking sites have become extremely popular and there are literally hundreds of millions of people who are active on the various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. More often than not, these people use these social networks to share information with each other. And that includes phone numbers.


3. Try usernames. Usernames are individual indentification codes/names for people accessing a computer, network or website. However, these usernames are also good starting points for tracking down a cell phone number. Many people use the same username across multiple sites, so you can type that username into a search engine and then take a look at the results. If a person has entered in their phone number somewhere on the Internet underneath their username, it will come up when looking it up on search engines.


4. Try niche search engines. Niche search engines are specialized search engines that display unique, personalized results. They are basically tools that fulfill a special purposes, unlike the typical search engines, which are more general. People search engines can be particularly useful in this case, since they search and retrieve only people-related information, including cell phone numbers. So, type in the person’s name (by using quotation marks around it) or the phone number itself and then browse though the accurate results.


5. Try reverse cell phone directories. These directories are pretty useful, since they offer reverse cell phone look-ups. Some of the most reliable such directories include Argali White & Yellow, a metasearch site for dozens of different phone directories, and The Ultimates, which gathers many powerful phone directories in one spot. When it comes to this alternative, know that you should not pay for this information. They have access to the same information on the web as you do, so if you cannot find the phone number, they probably can’t either.


If none of these tricks will help you find the cell phone number you are looking for or owner of that cell phone number, that’s unfortunately going to be it. Cell phone numbers are kept very private by most people, so if they are not in any kind of published directory, they are next to impossible to find. However, you should not give up completely, since who knows when the number will appear on the Internet!

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